Community is at the heart of what we do here at York English, be it with our international teachers or our students. From a friendly face to welcome you and pick you up at the airport, your Academic Coordinator to show you around your local area, to a welcome meal with your whole branch, we do everything we can to make you feel welcomed and a part of our community from the get go.

Be it with your coworkers, your roommate, or our various branches, expat life with us is a great opportunity to meet like minded people from all over the world. We have a football team, a band, a photography club, a badminton tournament, a pub quiz, a recipe sharing group, and a vegan and vegetarian group. None of them for you? Head to the cocktail bars, the craft beer pubs, hike in the mountains or tour the temples! China has something to offer everyone! Join the team and get the full York experience  when you teach English in China with York!

Searching for more of a cultural immersion? The great thing about the York experience is the opportunity to work with local people. With our Chinese staff, from the teaching assistants, the sales teams, the education department and admin staff, friendships develop across the board from language exchanges to travel buddies to life long friendships.

"I came here looking for authentic China, & that is Fuzhou. All the traditions in tact but also an eye on the future. Some things are unrecognisably foreign, somethings are surprisingly familiar, & the adventure of living here is working out which is which. Having a great group of friends to share the adventure with really helps with that" - Callum from our Cang Shan branch.

"China is extraordinary & every day I find myself facing new challenges; whether it be teaching my students; shopping for groceries or getting around Fuzhou & exploring China. Although thousands of miles from home, I have found it easy to share this adventure with my family & friends, and I love that" - Ellie from our XiHu branch.

With a competitive salary that keeps increasing each quarter, our teachers quality of life (given the free accommodation and low cost of living, particularly in Changle and Fuzhou) is extremely high. From eating out most nights a week, holidays to the rest of China and Asia, cocktails at weekends to saving for future plans, our expats discover a quality of life that is hard to achieve back home.

To find out exactly what your lifestyle would look like as an English teacher with us in Fuzhou, check out our lifestyle calculators below which break down your incomings and outgoings! Do you want to save, travel or throw yourself into life here? Choose below to experience what life could be like for you! Please note, these are only applicable for Fuzhou as Shenzhen has a slightly higher cost of living which is reflected your wage. Changle on the other hand will prove a cheaper destination to our other branches.

The internet is full of ESL jobs, but it’s hard to find those that offer the benefits, security and legitimacy that York English offer. At York English, we offer fully funded residency permits, a contract with set, guaranteed hours, and a free apartment. When you are looking to uproot yourself half way around the world to a new country and culture, what you need is an offer of a real, full-time role with an established school that will look after you, and a community to support you.

We pride ourselves in all the extra benefits our teachers get before and after they arrive. From small things like a welcome meal and a Walmart voucher to get yourself set up, to cash bonuses that continue even after your first year, school trips, free courses & language lessons and so much more! Check out the list below to find out exactly what you can get as a valued employee at York English.

Work Benefits
Work Benefits