Teaching English in China can be as rewarding as it is fun. You will create amazing memories with friends from around the world, travel across Asia, laugh, learn new skills, and grow in confidence! It’s a fantastic opportunity to earn a wage while exploring a new culture, learning a new language and experiencing new things.

We hire native English speakers all year round to teach in our schools for an initial 12-month contract. We offer full support from application to the end of your contract, so you really do get taken care of. Check out our vacancies below, and if you have any questions, you can head over to our FAQ’s page, or email our Recruitment Manager Mike at



China is a huge and fascinating country, and moving here is one experience you will never forget. It can be exciting, nerve-wracking, an adventure and overwhelming all at once. But all of these experiences help you step out of your comfort zone and grow. We’re confident in saying that nowhere other than China, with its rich history, unique culture and language, will you experience, laugh, grow, travel and be challenged more than in this amazing country!

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