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What is the cost of living like in Fuzhou?

Fuzhou is the capital and one of the largest cities in Fujian province, China. It’s home to nearly 8 million people and boasts some of the cleanest air in China, making it a highly desirable place to be. But what is the cost of living like in Fuzhou? We’re going to run you through some of the things we know you’ll need if you’re living in Fuzhou and what costs are associated with them.


Rent in Fuzhou is relatively cheap in comparison to other places in China like Shanghai or Beijing. You can rent a one bedroom apartment downtown in the city for around $375 compared to the $1200+ you’ll find in Shanghai city. But don’t forget, York English will cover your rent in Fuzhou, Changle and Minhou, freeing up some extra cash to spend on other essentials! And for Shenzhen and Xiamen, we provide a housing allowance.


Electricity and water bills combined come in at less than $50 per month. That’s CRAZY cheap! For getting online, you’ll pick up unlimited internet access for around $15 per month.

Getting Around

Transportation in Fuzhou is simple and efficient. A short bus journey or hiring one of the thousands of electric bikes will set you back less than a dollar, as will hopping on the subway! You also have the option of grabbing a taxi for $5-$15. The app Didi is super popular in China, and is basically the same as Uber, plus it’s in English!

The railway station is known as the ‘transportation hub’ of Fujian province and is in the Northern region of the downtown area with links to all major cities.


With most food groups being super affordable there is certainly something to fit everyone’s budget. And while most of our teachers eat out most of the time, less than $60 would keep you stocked up with enough groceries for the week for two people. That is unless you’re looking to buy those imported luxury food and drink items you might get back home then you will probably end up paying a premium for those!

Eating Out

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to eating out in Fuzhou and you’re going to want to try some of the local dishes. Veggie dishes will be on the menu for around $2 and a meat dish slightly more expensive, but you can’t go to China and not experience their cuisine can you?

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Let’s finish up with a cup of the good stuff. If you’re a lover of caffeine to wake you up in the morning, then you’ll find coffee tends to be not much cheaper than at home. Worth a splurge or two on a good cup of coffee though right?!

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So there we have it! The cost of living in Fuzhou is certainly affordable and could even have you saving a bit over what you’d normally spend back home. Check out our YouTube video for a walk around Fuzhou and get a feel for what to expect in this beautiful city.

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