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Visiting Wuyuan

After seeing this amazingly restored 300-year-old Chinese mansion in Wuyuan on Instagram, I knew I wanted to stay there. It was only a 2 hour train ride away from Fuzhou, so we decided to head there for a weekend of relaxation, fresh air and some quiet.


A 20 minute taxi ride from the train station and we landed in a beautfiul ancient village, it was historic and well maintained, quiet and utterly charming. Just what I was hoping for!

The mansion we were looking for is called Wuyuan Skywells, and is located in the heart of the village.

The guest house is owned by British-Chinese couple Ed and Selina, who lovingly restored this once derelict building into the light, spacious site it is today. Each room is dedicated to a long lost owner of the house over the course of its history. Our room was a throwback to 1960s Communist memrobilia, which I thought was pretty cool.

jiangxi province

After sampling some epic Jiangxi cuisine, we headed off on a 3 hour hike, the trail of which was mapped out by Ed & Selina for their guests.

When we were handed thr trail route, at first I was really gutted we only had one night here. There is SO much to do in Wuyuan. The hikes go on for miles, there are a number of ancient villages to see, endless cycling routes, and waterfalls and rivers that allow public swimming (quite rare in China!). But, we settled for the 3 hour hike that would get us back that evening.

We walked through meadows, rice paddies, and then an array of scattered ancient villages. These were so beautiful to wander through, the locals carried on with their busy days, walking their ox, washing their clothes in the river, or chatting away in little circles.

jiangxi province

We eventually came across some woods with some of the best views I have seen in my two and a half years in China, the photos really don’t do it justice. But the best thing about the whole hike was that it was unpaved (a big deal here), we were the only people walking it, and it was so so quiet. All we could hear outside of the villages were the sounds of the birds. Heaven.


We finished the evening with a delicious local meal at the guest house, a beautiful bottle of red wine (followed by some excellent cocktails and whisky, as well as sampling their home brewed beer….) all by the log fire in their cosy bar. A great end to a beautfiul weekend!


The York English Offer

Ed and Selina would love to show off their amazing guest house to our teachers, and so have set up a York only discount.

– A double/twin bedroom – if you would like seperate rooms, you can discuss this with Ed & Selina when you email them. 
– Dinner for 2 (both nights if you stay for 2)
– Dessert (both nights if you stay for 2)
– 2 tickets to the scenic area as well as train station collection and drop off

2 night stay: 1600 RMB or 1 night stay: 950 RMB


If you would like to receive the York English only discount while staying at the Wuyuan Skywells, simply email them at and let them know you are a staff member here at York, and which branch you work at.

For more information on what to do in the area, more about the house, or the offer, you can download the leaflet below.


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