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Visiting Wuyishan | In Pictures

Visiting Wuyishan as a teacher at York English in our Fujian province locations has never been easier. Wuyishan scenic area, home to the famous Wuyi Mountain, is located in Fujian province just over an hours train ride away from Fuzhou!

wuyi mountain

Wuyishan is an area of outstanding natural beauty situated in North Western Fujian province. A UNESCO World Heritage site, it’s a personal favourite place of mine to visit in China. The lush green mountains, emerald green river and quiet hiking spots surrounded by tea plantations make it a really special place. 

fujian province
visiting wuyishan

How to Get to Wuyishan

From Fuzhou, the train from Fuzhou North station will take about an hour and 10 minutes. From Xiamen North station, about 3 hours by train. For Changle & Minhou, you would need to head into Fuzhou first, then catch the train.

bamboo rafting

What to do in Wuyishan

Hiking Wuyi Mountain is the most popular trek to make in Wuyishan, but to call it a hike is ambitious! Don’t get me wrong, it’s a tough, steep walk, especially in the summer heat, but it’s all steps as you can see below.

visiting wuyishan

Skip the crowds and head into the tea plantations where the walks are peaceful and the views are breathtaking!

tea plantations
tea plantations

Take a bamboo raft along the 9 bend river! Just remember, Wuyishan scenic area offers two bamboo rafting options, one along the 9 bend river, which travels through the heart of the scenic area, and one along the edge of the scenic area. The one along the 9 bend river is definitely the best. Enjoy some local tea and you drift along!

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visiting wuyishan
bamboo rafting

Spring and Summer are the perfect times to sunbathe along the river!

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Visit the magnificent temple carved into the mountain!

stone carving
visiting wuyishan

Enjoy the views, the greenery and the fresh air! A perfect weekend getaway!

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How long do you need when visiting Wuyishan?

You can buy a one, two or three-day pass to enter the scenic area. 2 or 3 days is fine, but 3 is definitely worth it! There is so much to explore. Passes cost:

One Day: 140 RMB in the high season (Mar-Nov), 120 RMB in the low season (Dec-Feb)

Two Day: 150 RMB

Three Day: 160 RMB

Bamboo rafting is extra and costs 130 RMB.

There is not much to do in the town itself, apart from the magnificent and not to be missed Impressions of Da Hong Pao Show. The evening, open-air show has the river and mountains as it’s backdrop, and tells the story of the tea that is famous in the region. Don’t worry if you don’t speak Chinese, the theatrics and visuals are enough to impress.

visiting wuyishan
visiting wuyishan

To plan a more detailed itinerary, check out this Travel China Guide on visiting Wuyishan Scenic Area.

All photos by Cassie

visiting wuyishan

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