My name is Ricky. I’m from California and have been teaching here at York for over a year and a half. I teach at Hu Qian branch which is one of York’s smallest branches with ten foreign teachers. But what we lack in numbers here at Hu Qian, we make up for with sensational chemistry!

After I finished grad school in the states I decided I needed a change of scenery. I decided to go and be an English Teacher in Korea! After countless interviews with sketchy Hagwon bosses I decided to broaden my search to China. After a few interviews, China didn’t seem to be any different, but then I had my interviews with York. Cody and Mike asked me questions about TEACHING! After I received a job offer York sent me the emails of five of their current teachers who responded and gave me honest and positive information about life at York English and life in China. I accepted the job offer and was off to China!

Having almost no teaching experience York English ended up having the perfect support system. They provided on the job training that ended up being invaluable. In addition to the outstanding academic support I have also forged friendships due to York’s inviting atmosphere. I have bonded with people that I would’ve never met back home. York has also provided me with plenty of opportunities to travel. In the past year I have traveled to many different parts of China and have taken two separate vacations to Japan.

China is a huge country with a rich culture, long history, and vast array of cultural diversity. Fuzhou is the perfect jumping off point to explore China as it is situated at the center point between the metropolis’ of Shanghai and Hong Kong. Fuzhou is also an excellent jumping off point to explore both East Asia and South East Asia.

My experience in Fuzhou and at York English has been unforgettable. I have grown as both a teacher and world citizen during my tenure here. In addition I have had some of the best times of my life!