Hi, we’re Cassie & Pete from the UK, we’re 30 and we have been at York English for 2 years. We both arrived as teachers, but Pete is currently the Academic Coordinator for our Xi Hu branch, and Cassie is the Social Media Manager at our Head Office in Fuzhou.


Pete comes from a background in engineering geology, with Cassie coming from working in the third sector. After wanting a change from the daily grind of life back in the UK, we both decided we wanted to travel more and do something a bit different with our lives.

We came to York English by a recommendation from a friend, and once we checked it out we were impressed by the detailed information pack and professional interview. But for us it was the training that sold it. Cassie has teaching experience but from a time long ago, and Pete came as a new teacher. We both wanted to take it seriously and learn and develop as much as we could, so the structured training and thought behind your development was a major pull towards applying for York English.

We have found since being here that the training and on-going development held true. You are constantly pushed and developed in a supportive way which is rare in a lot of organisations. The willingness to be heard and encouraged to give your suggestions is refreshing. Our classes were of all ages and a challenge to be adaptable to not only their ages and levels, but adapting your speech, finding ways to motivate and inspire varying personalities and ages, as well as constantly being creative to ensure these students come out with not only proficient English but a love of the language.

We love our lifestyle here, I doubt we could have eaten out every night of the week back in the UK! Since arriving we have travelled to Xinjiang Province, Hong Kong, Yunnan Province, the Tulou Roundhouses, Xiamen, Zhangjiajie, Xi’an, Wuyishan, Tokyo, Singapore, Shanghai and even 3 trips back to the UK, with Beijing and Taiwan in the pipeline! This opportunity to travel, and not to mention save as well, is a major draw for us. It’s proving to be the change for the better we wanted.

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