Hello to the people! I’m Becky, an American from Michigan. I was one of the Senior Teachers at Rong Qiao branch, as well as the York Pub Quiz Mistress, and the Academic Coordinator at our first Shenzhen branch. I started at York English in February, 2016. I came to China with my boyfriend, Michael.

Before coming to York English, we were teaching in Prague. I was interested in living in China and Michael wanted to live near the sea, where it didn’t snow. After we decided which area we were interested in, we started searching for schools. Michael found York English and we liked the information we received and the level of honesty we were afforded. We also heard from some teachers who had gone to our TEFL training school who were already here and they told us some great things about the company. We were happy to go to a place that had a support structure.

One of the best things about York English is the support structure that I mentioned before. It’s true that York has a great group of people working for them who are truly happy to help you navigate China, as well as the scary world of teaching. We have a high expectation of teaching, but there are so many resources and people to get help from. You aren’t left in the dark. This is why I enjoy being a Senior Teacher. I’m happy to be a part of the support structure and to share my knowledge and skills with the other teachers.

I’m happy with my lifestyle here. I’m able to live comfortably, while still saving money, because cost of living is so low! I’m a hobby-oriented person, so I can participate in my out-of-work loves because I have the time and cash to support them. Since being at York English, I’ve been lucky enough to travel around China, Hong Kong (twice), a week trip to Thailand and still afford to fly home to the US to visit my family for 2 weeks, I’ll also be celebrating my birthday in Shanghai and get a chance to visit Shanghai Disney! No job in the US I could get could afford me that in the first year!