Hello! My name is Andrea. I’m from beautiful New Hampshire in the USA. I worked at York English for over a year and a half before working at a Chinese kindergarten in Fuzhou. I have now returned to York and work as the Senior Teacher at our Changle branch.

Just over a year ago, I finished my Master’s degree in teaching English as a second language. After graduating, I realized I just wasn’t quite ready to jump right into a teaching career in the United States. I had always wanted to teach English in another country, so I thought it would be perfect timing to do so.

I began searching for teaching jobs overseas. The first thing I noticed is that some of the best-paying jobs were in China! That was my primary reason for choosing China. Then, I had to narrow it down. York English stood out to me in a lot of ways:

Andrea in Shanghai
Andrea travelling

1) The company’s material was professional, succinct, and well-organized.

2) They provided detailed information about what to expect in regards to pay, support, and provisions.

3) An apartment was part of the package, and the pictures looked so nice!

4) Fuzhou was a city that I had never heard of; I knew it would be more of an adventure and a deeper cultural experience than a city like Beijing and Shanghai where there is so much more western influence.

5) Living in Fuzhou would mean a better chance of learning Mandarin at a faster rate because so few people speak English in Fuzhou, unlike more popular cities in China.

I decided to return to York English after trying something new. Let me tell you why:


1) The Company: York provides a professional atmosphere with continued support to foster teacher growth. I have learned so much about teaching and have challenged myself to try new things and learn from the feedback that senior teachers and administration have given me. Furthermore, the support I receive extends outside of the classroom and into daily living, such as apartment issues and how to get places.

2) The City: Fuzhou, although not widely known, is a bustling city with lots to see, such as the mountain temples and beautiful parks to wander in; and lots to do, such as visiting the plethora of interesting western- and eastern- style restaurants and bars. I also feel very safe here, which is huge for a small country girl like me. While I’ve recently moved to Changle, it is only a 35 minute taxi ride from Fuzhou.

3) Promises Met: Everything that York said they would provide, they did! My apartment is very comfortable, I am surrounded by a team of supportive teachers and administration, flight reimbursements were timely and just as outlined, and the list goes on! (Really, it does!)

Some of the highlights from my time here so far have been the development of my skills as a professional, traveling, and having a wide range of unique and new experiences. In one year, with the amount of paid holidays we receive, I was able to travel within China (Beijing, Yellow Mountain, Shanghai, Lu Shan, Xiamen, etc.) and also to Thailand, Vietnam, and Nepal. I know my adventure does not stop here.