At present, we are currently not hiring teachers located outside of China, due to the global pandemic


Our goal in the classroom is to make our students feel good about themselves and about learning. One aspect about teaching in China that can be hard to understand, is how such a large part of the education system and the classroom environment is about points, scores and numbers. From a very young age, students are trained to strive for full marks in everything they do and often feel terrible when they don’t achieve it.

We are fortunate of being independent of this approach. We believe that in some cases we might be the most positive educational environment that students encounter. This comes through our teachers’ encouragement and enthusiasm.


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Doodletown uses art to improve memory, imagination and experience. With values at the heart of this course, it creates an environment where kids become inquisitive, happy and confident learners.

story central learning

Story Central fosters a love of language and learning through storytelling. It is aimed at fostering the 4 C’s in 21st century skills: critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration.

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Our Smart Choice courses are aimed at our higher levels, and aim to be interactive and relevant to their daily life. We teach Smart Choice to ages 12-16.

go beyond course

Go Beyond addresses all key language skills through a thorough and detailed syllabus. It has a strong life skills feature specially designed to support students both during their education and in their life beyond.

Interested in working exclusively with younger children?


Working at York English means you teach at one school with a designated curriculum, to a set timetable with a guaranteed salary, and yes, you get paid for your lesson planning time with us. Each school is packed with resources, has communal computers in the teacher’s office, and interactive whiteboards in every classroom. Below is an example timetable from our Fujian schools of what hours you would be teaching.



Here at York English, each class will have a designated Chinese Study Consultant/Teaching Assistant (or TA). The Study Consultant’s role is to support your teaching by modelling activities, working with breakout groups and individual students, behaviour management and occasionally translating, although we do aim to foster a 100% English environment.

They are also an essential link to your students’ parents. They keep them informed of their child’s progress, and assist with communication between parents and yourself. For the younger levels, you will have your Study Consultant for every class. For higher levels, we aim for your Study Consultant to be in at least 25% of your class load.

Having a Study Consultant is a great partnership that leads to strong friendships as well as a better learning experience for your students. Your friendship with your Study Consultant’s will allow you to learn more about Chinese culture, language, and the people.

Please note that Study Consultants/Teaching Assistants play a different role from your Co-Teachers. 

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