Our goal in the classroom at York English is to make our students feel good about themselves and about learning. One aspect of teaching in China that can be hard to understand, is how such a large part of the Chinese education system and the classroom environment is based on points, scores and numbers. From a very young age, students are trained to strive for full marks in everything they do and often feel terrible when they don’t achieve it.

York English is fortunate in being independent of this approach. We believe that in some cases we might be the most positive educational environment that students encounter. This comes through our teachers’ encouragement and enthusiasm. We place great emphasis on learner-centred teaching; teaching that makes the learners’ needs and experiences central to the educational process. And it’s these needs and experiences that drive our lessons.




3-6 year olds
For our younger students, Doodle Town provides a fun and interactive, language-rich course with lots of songs, imagery and colours! Designed to provide lots of multi-sensory learning opportunities for our kinder students to improve memory, experience, imagination and observation, it’s an active and engaging curriculum.


7-11 year olds
This is an exciting curriculum fostering the love of language learning through storytelling. It introduces and works on the 4 C’s; critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication. It continually weaves in the students learned grammar and vocabulary points throughout the course.


12-16 year olds
This is a highly communicative course, designed around topics that are relevant and interesting to teenage learners. Scenarios, visuals and wording have been adapted for older levels, and it also has a multimedia element with videos for the students to enjoy. Please note, our Shenzhen branches do not teach Smart Choice.


Advanced 12-16 year olds
Enhancing the topics in our Smart Choice books, this course is more modern and appeals to the more advanced age group. It is a highly communicative and challenging course, and also has a multimedia element with videos for the students. Please note, our Shenzhen branches do not teach Go Beyond.

Interested in working exclusively with younger children?


Below is an example of our ESL teacher’s timetable (you can check our daycare timetable here). At York English, you earn a reliable, monthly salary with set hours, rather than the uncertainty of hourly pay and no set wages. You have set office hours in your branch with your students, which means you actually get paid to plan your lessons. This also means you have the full support of your Academic Coordinator, Senior Teacher and your colleagues when planning your classes and thinking of new ideas, not to mention an office full of resources.

Our ESL teachers work up to a maximum of 6 classes each, which you will teach twice a week, with ages ranging from 3-16 years old, and never more than 16 students per class (12 in Shenzhen). Each lesson has clear aims and objectives, and target language and grammar that need to be covered that day, but you plan how each section will be taught. This can be through team activities, pair work, or an interactive class lesson. This creativity is encouraged and nurtured, after all, no one will know your students better than you.

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*After your first month, you are able to come in at 4pm should you find you are ahead on planning


At York English, we are a team of highly motivated, ambitious individuals with a love of learning! We offer extensive training and development that continues no matter how long you have been with us, whether you are a brand new ESL teacher or an experienced veteran with experience both at home and overseas.

Armed with this philosophy we go even further, actively seeking out roles within our Education Department with development potential for our employees. And with funding opportunities for external courses, we take our teacher’s development seriously.

Teaching English in China with us means a professional organisation that develops your skills, nurtures your career and offers plenty of opportunities. We aim to create an open, honest culture of feedback for everyone so that you really can grow as a teacher, and we can really grow as a progressive organisation.

"Teaching at York English means there is a superb sense of family. Everyone works together and helps each other, no one struggles to admit problems or offer advice, and I think that's a vital part as to why I love working here"
- Alex, teacher since August '16.

"Being a senior teacher is extremely rewarding. Not only do I get to help my own students grow & progress, but I also get to help new teachers. It has given me a chance to step out of my comfort zone & challenge myself. I have gained so much valuable experience & really grown as a teacher in this role"
- Jodie, Senior Teacher since July '17.

"Being an Academic Coordinator gives me the opportunity to help teachers develop their teaching, as well as adjust to life here in China. You really get a chance to look after your team. And the varied nature of the role means no two days are the same"
- Pete, Academic Coordinator since Oct '17.

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To continue to uphold an excellent standard of teaching, and to ensure all teachers are supported throughout their time with us, we provide structured lesson observations. These will be given by a senior staff member such as your Academic Coordinator. Feedback meetings are meant to be a collaborative and open effort to highlight your strengths and identify your areas of development.


A fantastic opportunity to sit down with your Academic Coordinator and look back on your previous three months at York. How have you developed as a teacher? What went well? What are your hopes for the next quarter?


Most Fridays during your branch meeting, an activity exchange will be delivered by your Senior Teacher and one other member of the team. Once a month, your Academic Coordinator or Senior Teacher will also deliver a workshop. They are delivered to match your needs, the school needs or due to requests, and are always informative and interactive.


York wide training days are an excellent time to hear from Tom Gant from the Education Department, to participate in workshops with other branches, hear talks and engage in new ideas and teaching theories. It’s also a great time to socialise as a whole organisation where everyone is in one place at once!


To ensure a consistent standard across your branch as well as across the organisation, lesson plans are looked over once a month. The feedback is a great time for your Academic Coordinator to identify your teaching style, the activities you like to use, and give you any tips that could be introduced for the levels you teach.


At York English we have a funding pot available for external courses. We offer employees the opportunity to submit proposals for relevant courses that will aide them in their role, and it is open to everyone!


Here at York English, each class will have a designated Chinese Teaching Assistant (or TA). The TA’s role is to support your teaching by modelling activities, working with breakout groups and individual students, behaviour management and occasionally translating, although we do aim to foster a 100% English environment.

They are also an essential link to your students’ parents. They keep them informed of their child’s progress and assist with communication between yourself and the parents. For the younger levels, you will have your TA for every class. For higher levels, your TA will join you once every other class. It can be a great partnership that leads to strong friendships which really allow you to learn more about Chinese culture, the language and the people!

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