1) I can't speak Chinese, can I still work at York?

Absoloutely. We don’t require Chinese language for our teaching as we foster a 100% English environment in the classroom, and you always have your Chinese Teaching assistant if needed.

2) Do I need a degree to teach English at York?

Yes, you will need a Bachelors Degree or higher.

3) Which countries do you hire from?

We hire native English speakers from the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

4) Can I join York with my partner?

Definitely. We have many couples here, and couples get their own two bedroom apartment if you choose to live together. You also have the opportunity to work in the same school or seperate schools depending on your preference.

5) I've never taught before, do I need experience?

No. With our comprehensive training programme, those who have never taught before will not feel at a disadvantage. With lesson observations, team teaches, workshops and feedback in your first two weeks, we will ensure you succeed as an ESL teacher with us.

6) I've taught before, what opportunities for advancement are there?

We welcome experienced teachers and do our best to ensure you are suitably challanged with a variety of levels to teach, quarterly reviews with your Academic Coordinator, lesson observations with follow up goals, and workshops.

There is the opportunity to become a Senior Teacher for an increased salary. You could also become an Academic Coordinator who is in charge of the quality of the teaching at their school. There are also numerous opportunities within our Head Office and Education Department. Read our blog on career progression at York here.

York also funds external training courses should you wish to pursue a qualification relevant to your role outside of working hours.

7) Do York provide housing?

Yes, in all locations apart from Shenzhen. For Shenzhen, we provide teachers with a monthly housing allowance of 3500 RMB. Upon arrival, we will house you in a hotel located near your school for 10 days/9 nights. This is so that you can view apartments to secure your new home.

For Fuzhou, Xiamen, Changle and Minhou, we provide all our teachers with a rent-free, fully-furnished apartment in a gated community, fitted with modern appliances such as WIFI, TV, AC, fridge freezer and cooker.

If you arrive with a partner and wish to live with them, no problem. If you arrive alone and wish to live with a housemate, we will pair you up with another teacher to share the two bedroom apartment.

If you prefer to live alone, or find your own apartment, we can arrange that too.

8) Do York provide medical insurance?

Yes we do. We have a free, basic medical coverage for all our staff. This is usually adequate for most people. However, if you wish to upgrade, you have the option of going on our paid medical insurance which will cover 100% of all in-patient costs.

9) When do you hire?

All year round. However, places are limited each month therefore it is best to apply and state your preferred start date, even if it is sometime in the future, so you can secure your place. Locations such as Fuzhou have a lot more schools than locations such as Xiamen and Shenzhen, therefore there are more opportunities to join our team. Please note it also takes up to 3 months from application to arrival, due to the visa process.

10) How long does it take from application to arrival?

It takes approximately 3 months from application to arrival here in China.

11) Is the process the same for all your locations?


12) I'm already in China, will York pay my flight bonus?

Yes, we will still pay you the full amount the same as any teacher.


1) How far will my apartment be from the school?

We always aim for your home to be as close to your school as possible, no one likes a long commute! For Shenzhen, you have the choice where you live and the distance from your school given you find your own apartment.

2) What will I need to pack for China?

There are plenty of Western malls in China that have shops such as Zara, H&M, Sephora, Pull & Bear etc. Those moving to Shenzhen will find it easier to buy Western products. The shops will accommodate for most Western sizes, however larger shoe sizes (particularly women) are a little trickier to find.Â

The weather in all our locations is extremely hot in the summer, but a little cooler in the winter (moderate if you’re Canadian!), so you would need to bring clothes for all seasons.

Upon arriving at your new apartment, there will be new towels, bedding, toilet paper, toothpaste, and one adapter plug extension for each teacher.

Taobao is an online store that is extremely cheap and is what most of our teachers use to buy everything under the sun, from clothes, bikinis, skin products and even Western food items!

Read our teacher Katey’s blog post on what to pack when moving to China.

3) Do I need a VPN in China?

If you want to access Western social media like Facebook & Instagram, and things like Google and YouTube, yes you will need to get a VPN. We recommend getting one before you arrive (it’s much easier that way), and would recommend Astrill VPN or Express VPN.

4) How long is summer & winter course?

Each year, every language centre in China will host Winter and Summer courses for students during their school holidays. Our Winter course is 3 weeks long and our Summer course is 6 weeks long. During this period you have the opportunity to teach a STEAM based curriculum (science, technology, engineering, art or mathematics) all in English.

5) How much extra work is summer & winter course?

You teach one extra class during the weekdays, and one extra class on the Tuesday. You will be paid extra if you are teaching your extra classes on the morning schedule, and everyone gets a 9 day paid holiday at the end of summer course in late August as extra compensation for your time.