Are you planning on a being super savvy saver? Perhaps you are thinking of coming to China to save for future travels, to pay off that student loan or for the other thousand little things we need savings for! Here we give you a breakdown of your average saving potential as both a new and experienced teacher over the course of your 1st year in Fuzhou here at York English.

This estimate aims to give you your average saving potential based on working a heavy workload. But please remember, it all depends on your lifestyle! This annual estimate excludes any travelling or alcohol, and all figures are pre tax (check out our info on tax here). If you would like to check out what income you would have when being not quite so frugal, and when working a medium and light workload, head over to our Travel Addict or Culture Hunter pages.

And there are even more opportunities in your 2nd year at York English! This includes cash bonuses, extra holidays and much more!

saver annual estimate


Annual Salary - 114,000 RMB (102,000 as an inexperienced teacher)

This is a pre tax salary based on achieving your quarterly bonus of 500 RMB each time. At York English, you have a guaranteed salary each month instead of being paid by the hour, which means a secure, steady income with no worries. For more info on tax brackets in China, check out our page here.

VIP - 6,480 RMB per annum

International teachers at York English have the opportunity to take on private tuition, organised through the school, out of office hours. These usually last between 1 and 1 and a half hours. This estimate is based on one 1 and a half hour weekly lesson at 180 RMB each time, starting in your third month with us.

Excellent Teacher Award - 1,500 RMB per annum

An opportunity once a quarter to be recognised for your hard work by being nominated for the Excellent Teacher Award in your branch. If nominated, you will receive 250 RMB added on to your monthly wage. This estimate is based on you being nominated in your 6th month at York English.

Writing - 3600 RMB per annum

Write for York’s blog and you could earn up to 300 RMB per article. This price is based on submitting the maximum word count once a month.

Flight Bonus - 8000 RMB per annum

We reimburse you for your flight with a guaranteed 8000 RMB, with 4000 being paid upon completion of your 6 month contract and another 4000 at the end of your 12 month contract.


Your Rent is FREE

A 2 bedroomed, shared apartment in the city centre, equipped with a balcony, and never more than 3km from your school.

Utilities - 2050 RMB per annum

Electricity, Gas, Water & WIFI, split 50/50 with your housemate. This is a Spring estimate.

Food - 25,550 RMB per annum

Based on choosing Eastern over Western, eating out in the local, smaller restaurants and keeping it cheap!

Transportation - FREE

Based on purchasing an e-bike (which are approximately 700-1000 RMB for second hand). You can charge them for free at most parking spots in your apartment building and in the city centre. Bicycles are around 450 RMB to purchase, while buses are only 1 RMB per journey.

Entertainment - 6000 RMB

You’re here to save, so going out takes the back bench! This estimate is based on movie nights at home, purchasing a couple books, and occasional socialising per month. Mountain walks, museums, parks and endless wanderings are delightfully free!

You Studies Can be FREE

Based on 1 and a half hours a week of Chinese lessons provided by York English.