Our Xiamen branch is the latest school York English have opened to date, opening mid 2018. Although Xiamen is no stranger to any of our international teachers, being a popular destination for a weekend trip from Fuzhou. Meet our Academic Coordinator Lauren, and Senior Teacher Kyle, below.

Hi, my name’s Lauren. I’m from England but I’ve been living in Fuzhou for 2 and a half years. I’ve been at York for that whole time, going from a teacher at our Ping Dong branch, to senior teacher at our Da Ru branch, all in Fuzhou. I’m now the Academic Coordinator at our first Xiamen school!

In my spare time I love hiking, checking out the cool coffee spots in town and taking trips to the beach. So far in my time at York I’ve managed to visit 15 different cities in China and I’m still counting…!


Hi I’m Kyle, and I’m the Senior Teacher at our city centre Xiamen school. I’m originally from Yorktown, Virginia in the United States.

I have been working at York English for the past 14 months, previously at our Gu Tian branch in Fuzhou before making the move to nearby Xiamen.

Outside of work I enjoy being lazy at the beach, history, and watching and playing sports such as football and basketball. An interesting fact is I can eat a Big Mac in two bites!