At present, we are currently not hiring teachers located outside of China, due to the global pandemic


Let China delight your senses with its rich mix of old and new! From ancient temples to soaring skyscrapers, metropolitan cities to traditional villages, China has something for everyone. With a history dating back over 5,000 years, it is now one of the fastest growing economies of the 21st century. No wonder it’s attracting expats by the thousands! Situated in the tropical South Eastern provinces of Fujian & Guangdong, York English is proud to showcase Fujian & Guangdong’s rich culture and delicious cuisine. Check out our various locations below to find your next adventure!


While not as famous as the mega cities of Beijing or Shanghai, Fuzhou is a hidden gem on the Minjiang river. Lush and green, with long, hot and sunny summers, it is certain to charm you with its mix of East and West. Famous for its historical architecture, large parks and vibrant art scene, Fuzhou is where our largest community of international teachers reside.

Perhaps surprisingly for most people, Fuzhou has roughly the same population as Hong Kong, just with more space! It is the perfect destination to get a feel for real China and learn Mandarin, but still live in a metropolitan city. Fuzhou has explored in development in the past few years, but still remains a fairly affordable city in China.

You can experience the delicious local and Western cuisine with restaurants on every corner, and travel far and wide with Fuzhou’s international airport and two hi-speed major railway stations linking to the rest of China.

Fuzhou, pronounced Foo-Jo, has a history dating back 2,200 years. It sits in a basin between mountain ranges, perfect for hiking! It is also famous for some the cleanest air in China, thanks in part to the electronic bikes that are common throughout the city. Fuzhou and Fujian province are famous for their tea culture, and there is no better place to experience vast tea plantations than in neighbouring Wuyishan scenic area.

We currently have 9 branches here in Fuzhou, which offers the largest community and social events from the get go!


A beautiful coastal city on the Taiwan straight, Xiamen is a city of 3.7 million people, and a popular university city. Its main tourist attraction is the UNESCO World Heritage site of Gulangyu Island. Apart from Shanghai, this tiny island is the only other place on Chinese soil to have historically had an international settlement, and today you can see the old colonial architecture on the car-free island.

With palm-tree lined streets, a coastal breeze in the summer heat, and, like Fuzhou, Changle and Minhou, low levels of pollution, Xiamen is a very popular destination for expats and Chinese alike. It has many bars and a vibrant coffee shop culture. Xiamen also has some excellent beaches, and with Taiwan just a ferry ride away, and international airport and two high-speed railway lines, it’s a great place to explore China and beyond. We currently have two schools located in the heart of Xiamen.


South East of Fuzhou is the coastal district of Changle. Still classed as within Fuzhou, Changle is ideal for all jet-setters as its location is only a 15 minute drive away to the major international airport of northern Fujian, the very same one used for our Fuzhou teachers. This means those weekend getaways are super easy!

Located very close to some lovely black and white sand beaches, and surrounded by lush, green mountains that you can see on all sides no matter where you are in the city, Changle is a place for those who love the outdoors. It is also the perfect location for those wishing to immerse themselves into Chinese culture and truly learn the language, as there are few foreigners. Although, it does have a Starbucks, Walmart and other large Western stores, not to worry! The larger, more metropiliatn city of Fuzhou is also just a 40-minute drive away.

We currently have one branch located in the heart of Changle.


For a taste of Western comfort, head to Shenzhen, a modern metropolis on the Pearl River Delta. Shenzhen is a young, vibrant city bordering Hong Kong. Just over three decades ago, it was just a small fishing village! Fast forward today and it is one of the most developed and wealthiest cities in China.

One of the technological capitals of the world, it is a massive coastal city with the majority of its population under 30 years old. Shenzhen offers expats a taste of modern China with plenty of Western amenities. A beautiful city skyline, bustling social and music scene, it can be an exciting lifestyle for expats with excellent travel networks and the chance to learn Cantonese as well as Mandarin.

With plenty of coffee shops, bars, shopping malls and restaurants, as well as a quirky art zone, you’ll have plenty to do. And with the opportunity to hop on a short subway ride into Hong Kong, it’s an attractive location.

We currently have three schools in Shenzhen.


North West of Fuzhou is the district of Min Hou. Still classed as within Fuzhou, Min Hou is a satellite city, located about 30-minutes by car from downtown Fuzhou. Teachers have the option to live either in Min Hou or commute from a Fuzhou apartment, which gives them the opportunity to still live in the city.

Min Hou is an up and coming and extremely affordable area. Those wishing to live in Min Hou as opposed to Fuzhou, will benefit from a larger, higher standard of apartment.

Located on the Min River, this location along the river with the mountains to the North offers a much more relaxed pace of life. It offers a charm and authenticity that is reminiscent of Fuzhou 10 years ago. It is a compact city that is very easy to get around either by walking or public transport.

We currently have one branch located in the heart of Min Hou.