I’m Kiki from London, England, and I’m currently a new teacher at York English Rong Qiao branch. I have lived in Fuzhou since early January 2017.

I studied Archaeology at University before working in IT for a few years after graduation. I also spent a year in South America travelling and teaching. I never really felt like I had a job that was truly interested in the development of my skillset, in every other place I have worked it very much felt like you were given the basic training to do your job and then left to get on with it. And this is very much not the case at York English. At York I feel like there is so much support to allow you to develop as a teacher, you are of course expected to use your initiative and ask for help when it is needed but help is always given.


The chance at development was honestly why I chose York English, I was originally looking at schools in Japan and Korea; but I felt like York would really give me a place to grow and develop. It helps that Fuzhou is a great city to live in, there are so many things available to do here if you are prepared to find them! And the salary really helps you to sustain a good lifestyle. Fuzhou is also good base for travelling China too, with cheap flights or trains to various different locations; and as the York English weekends are Monday and Tuesday this means the tourist sites are relatively empty – which is great!

I’m not sure where the future will take me but I am really considering another year at York English!