While not as famous as the big Chinese cities of Shanghai or Beijing, Fuzhou is a hidden gem on the Minjiang river. Lush and green with warm weather, and perhaps surprisingly for most people, roughly the same population as Hong Kong, Fuzhou is certain to charm you with its mix of East and West. It’s the perfect destination to get a feel for real China, but still live in a metropolitan and green city!

Fuzhou, pronounced Foo-Jo, has a history dating back over 2,200 years. It sits in a basin between groups of mountain ranges; Gushan Mountain on the East, Qishan Mountain on the West, Wuhushan Mountain on the South and Lianhuafeng Mountain on the North. Plenty of hiking opportunities! It is also famous for the cleanest air in China, thanks in part to the electric bikes that are common throughout the city.

Check out our short video on this wonderful city, created by us, to show you what your expat life will look like here in Fuzhou with us! Experience the areas of Sanfang Qixiang, Xihu (Westlake) park, Da Ming Lu, Yushan Scenic Area, the White Pagoda and the new tree top walkway!

Areas not seen in the video include

Xichan Temple – situated next to our Rong Qiao branch, this beautiful complex of temples and lakes was originally built over 1130 year ago. It is one of the most famous attractions in Fuzhou, with the lake home to herons, coy carp and terrapins. Admission Fee – 20 CNY.

Fuzhou Mosque – a huge, stunning feat in Islamic architecture is right in the city centre, adjacent to the Three Lanes & Seven Alleys. 

Shang Xia Hang – this historic area has been redeveloped to rival the famous Thee Lanes & Seven Alleys, displaying streets filled with traditional Chinese architecture. Admission – Free.

Black Pagoda on Wushan Hill – opposite the White Pagoda, this ancient building began construction in 944 AD and stands at 31 meters in height. Its formal name is the Pagoda of Wisdom, Sacredness and Solidarity. 

The German Mall – this old, huge, abandoned building looks like something that should be in Europe, not China! Located on a tiny island in the middle of the Min River, the magnificent architecture of this building can be seen immediately as you cross the bridge. While there are stalls on the first floor of the building, you can explore the upper levels, including the roof, for free. 

National Forest Park – Located in the North of the city with over 200 acres of forest, walking paths, picnic and BBQ areas, a lake and flower beds, this beautiful park gives you a piece of the countryside in Fuzhou. Admission – Free.

Gushan (Drum) Mountain – one of the many mountains in Fujian, Gushan is probably the most famous. Hike up for endless views of the city, including a temple stop half way up, or take the cable car to the top. Admission – Free.

Gui’an Water Park & Theme Park – a short bus ride northeast of the city centre, the waterpark and theme park are adjacent to one another and make for great days out.

Pingtan Beach – visit for the day, stay over night or camp on the beach, the white sand and warm water is perfect place to have a BBQ with friends. Admission – Free

Qingyunshan Mountain Scenic Area, Yongtai County – 76 km South of Fuzhou, this area is perfect for relaxing in nature. Waterfalls, hot springs, hiking and massages are just some of the things to do here.

Shizhu Mountain – A beautiful hike to reach a cliff top temple outside of Fuzhou city. Admission Fee – 10 CNY.

Wuyishan – a UNESCO World Heritage Site famed for its 36 peaks, bamboo rafting, tea plantations and endless trails, Wuyishan is located just over an hour away by train from Fuzhou city centre. Check out the amazing light show too, it’s not to be missed. Admission Fee – 140 CNY for 1 day, 150 CNY for 2 days and 160 CNY for 3 days. Bamboo rafting and the light show are extra. 

Xiamen – A port city just over an hour away by train from Fuzhou, this metropolitan city attracts a lot of foreigners for its palm tree lined streets, shopping and nightlife.

Also not included are the numerous hot springs, outdoor pools and delicious restaurants!

our fuzhou city
fuzhou city centre