At present, we are currently not hiring teachers located outside of China, due to the global pandemic


Teaching at our Daycare centers in Shenzhen is for those who truly adore working with younger children (2-6 years olds, however most are 2-4 year olds). Our Daycare teachers work regular hours (8.30am-5.30pm, Monday-Friday) as opposed to our ESL teachers who work afternoons and evenings, Wednesday-Sunday.Â

This programme is delivered in English wherever possible, giving the students tons of exposure to this new language, and lots of opportunities to practice it. Working with a Chinese co-teacher, you’ll be guiding the children through their first steps in education and giving them crucial skills to prepare them for full time education. We help them understand the world through play and fun, creating learning environments that are caring, supportive and friendly to foster their independence.Â

The role of the daycare teacher requires patience, a friendly and warm personality, and of course a true love of working with young children. We are looking for teachers who have the initiative to shape the role and truly make it their own.

Below is an example timetable of a typical daycare teacher with us here in Shenzhen.

day care

8.30am - Teacher arrival and classroom prep

9.00am - Hello song & classroom rules

9.20am - Water & toilet break

9.40am - 3/4 songs & active play

10.00am - Snack time

10.30am - Themed lesson

11.00am - Gross Motor Skills

11.30am - Children's lunch

12.30pm - Nap prep

1.00pm - Nap time & teachers lunch and lesson planning time

3.00pm - Snack time

3.30pm - Story time

4.00pm - Freeplay - children play until parents come to collect them

4.30pm - Lesson planning & office admin time

5.30pm - Home time