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Career opportunities here at York English come in many different forms. Whether you want to develop as a teacher, progress into management, join our Education team, or take on external training, we have plenty of opportunities to pursue.

The world of ESL teaching is growing and nowhere is that more true than in China. And with this huge, growing industry comes a variety of career avenues to take.

Here at York, we like to pride ourselves on being a team of highly motivated, ambitious individuals with a love of learning. And so we offer extensive training and development that continues no matter how long you have been with us. Let’s start with teaching!

Teach English in China

ESL Teacher in Fuzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen and Changle

As an English language teacher with York, you benefit from an immersive training program that begins with your first two week induction period. In your first two weeks, you will observe classes at all levels by current teachers, explore our training materials, team teach, and attend workshops on lesson planning, behaviour management and more.

You will record your journey using your specially designed Teacher Development Program handbook, which also has checklists and activities to ensure you’re getting the most out of the training period.

Now you’ve got your initial training done, the rest of your year as a teacher could look like this- 

To uphold an excellent standard of teaching, and to ensure all teachers are supported throughout their time with us, we provide structured lesson observations. These will be given by a senior staff member, such as your Academic Coordinator. Feedback meetings are meant to be a collaborative and open effort to highlight your strengths and identify areas of development.

career progression

Quarterly reviews become a fantastic, supportive opportunity to sit down with your Academic Coordinator and look back on your previous three months at York and how you have developed as a teacher, what skills you’d like to gain and opportunities you’d like to take on next quarter.

We also hold York wide training days. These are excellent opportunities to hear from Tom Gant from the Education Department, or external trainers such as Macmillan, participate in workshops with other branches and engage in new ideas and teaching theories.

To find out more about our training and development as a teacher, head over to our Teaching and Training page.

If this does not satisfy your career development, you can always transfer locations after a while to try something new! Some of our locations offer different opportunities such as the promotion and marketing of a newer school, working in larger or smaller teams, or our Day Care centre in Shenzhen.

We currently have 9 schools in Fuzhou, 1 in the district of Changle, 3 in Shenzhen (as well as a Day Care centre) and two schools in Xiamen. Our larger and more established schools currently lie in Fuzhou.

Senior Teacher

Being a Senior Teacher at York English is first and foremost the mentoring and support role in an office. They help teachers in every aspect of their working life, such as lesson planning, sharing activity ideas and giving classroom tips.

Your Senior Teacher is your go-to person if ever you need a helping hand with your teaching.

They are experienced and work with the network of our other Senior Teachers to share best practices, discuss common issues and find solutions for these, in order to help the teachers are their branch.

career progression

Part of a Senior Teachers role is also to deliver workshops for new teachers. This is a major asset to boost your presentation and public speaking skills. Our Senior Teachers are all trained on doing demonstration classes to gain new students, as well as interviewing prospective students and placing them in the appropriate level.

They also create and write extra activity classes for our students, often for those waiting to join our course. So you can add that to your resume too!

Being a Senior Teacher at York is the perfect opportunity to take on more responsibility and mentor new teachers, but still be able to spend the majority of your time teaching if that is where your real passion lies.

Academic Coordinator

Academic Coordinators are responsible for the management of the team of teachers at a specific branch. On the education side, they ensure their teachers succeed and grow as a teacher throughout their time with us, through lesson observations, feedback, quarterly reviews, workshops and more.

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They also work closely with the principal of the branch to ensure the successful running of the school. This means ensuring students continue at York and progress during their time with us, that classes are full, and teachers are allocated classes appropriately.

The Academic Coordinator also ensures that we gain new students through demonstration classes and interviews.

This cross-cultural collaboration between the Academic Coordinator, the Principal, Teaching Assistant Coordinator and the Sales team is an important and valuable skill to have in any modern workplace.

Academic Coordinators of our larger schools will still continue to teach one class during their time with us, while smaller schools may teach two or three. The combination of teaching, training and management for this role requires a high-level skill set that we value immensely.

Regional Manager

Our Regional Managers, Gemma and Alden, are experienced York English staff, having both been teachers, Senior Teachers, and Academic Coordinators during their time with us. This linear path is not required when pursuing career progression at York, but the experience gained is invaluable.

They use this experience and knowledge to manage the Academic Coordinators of each region (Fuzhou and Changle, and Shenzhen and Xiamen). The daily schedule of our regional managers can compromise time at Head Office as well as visiting the branches under their supervision, either for meetings, observations or workshops.

They make sure each school runs smoothly and effectively, complies with our HR policies, and meets budget and branch targets. Our Regional Managers coordinate with and report to our Vice Principal, and works very closely with the Regional Principal.

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The Education Department

Working within our Education Department requires creativity, an in-depth knowledge of the ESL landscape, and curriculum design. Our team is constantly growing and it is an exciting time for the department!

Our Content and Curriculum Developers design our curriculum and keep our teaching & training at the cutting edge of ESL, making sure our teachers are well equipped to deliver the best classes.

Our teaching methodology and philosophy, and the training we provide our teachers is something we pride ourselves on. We take it very seriously and really do believe it makes us stand out from the crowd. You can read more about our educational philosophy, and watch a video about it here.

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Recruitment and Marketing Department

Perhaps a less conventional route when thinking about career progression here at York is our recruitment and marketing department. We are a small but mighty team; Recruitment Manager, Social Media Manager, and Video Producer.

With recruitment as our focus, we also aim to have a highly engaged online and offline community by creating engaging content that resonates with our audience (like this one right?). We hope to inform you about what life is like out here in China, and hopefully inspire you to take the leap and start your year abroad!

Our Recruitment Manager Mike is based in the UK after having lived in Fuzhou for over 5 years, completing his time here as an Academic Coordinator. Long before making and even starring in his videos, Rob was a teacher with us back in 2013-2014. And while I arrived as a teacher, York’s openness to ideas allowed me to propose the role of Social Media Manager to the company.

career progression

This encouragement to share ideas, give feedback and even apply for funding for training courses, is what makes our career progression opportunities here at York English unique. We truly value innovation and initiative, and whether you arrive with a skill set from your previous career, or gain experience while with us, we want you to feel that there is room to progress and grow your career with us.

If you would like to apply to teach English in China with us, head over to our apply page today and fill in a quick application form – we’d love to have you!

career progression

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