The internet is full of ESL jobs, but it’s hard to find those that offer the benefits, security and legitimacy that York English offer. At York English, we offer fully funded residency permits, a contract with set, guaranteed hours, and a free apartment. When you are looking to uproot yourself half way around the world to a new country and culture, what you need is an offer of a real, full-time role with an established school that will look after you, and a community to support you.

We pride ourselves in all the extra benefits our teachers get before and after they arrive. From small things like a welcome meal and a Walmart voucher to get yourself set up, to cash bonuses that continue even after your first year, school trips, free courses & language lessons and so much more! Check out the list below to find out exactly what you can get as a valued employee at York English.

To chat about any of these offers and opportunities in more detail, do contact our HR Manager Mike at Alternatively, follow us on Facebook @yorkenglishschools, or if you’d prefer more photo’s, we are on Instagram @york_english

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Work Benefits
Work Benefits