Hello there! My name is Alex Davies, and I’m a teacher at the Jinshan branch of York English. I’ve been with York English since September 2016, all at our Jin Shan school. I’m a University graduate with a BA in English and an MA in Creative Writing, though my only work experience before joining York English was working in charity shops, convenience stores and a single copywriting assignment.


I was actually brought into York English when the company I originally interviewed with were unable to bring me into the company. York were offered as a potential replacement, and I was impressed by their professionalism (and their brochure!).

York English promotes a family atmosphere. There are plenty of social opportunities, with people organising day trips and weekend breaks regularly, and various groups set up by teachers that exist to promote a collection of hobbies. There’s a band, a soccer/football society (helpfully called soccerball to prevent arguments), a D+D group and a climbing club amongst others.

Since coming here, I have had the opportunity to travel across China and to other nearby countries and territories such as Japan and Hong Kong. I’ve met amazing people, began the process of learning Mandarin Chinese and experienced life in a incredible country.

My 7 months so far with York English have been top notch, and I hope that I can use my time and experiences working here to develop into teaching at a higher education level in the future.