Hi! My name’s Alden. I’m 28 years old with a BA in Economics and Political studies. I’ve got a background in first aid and wildland firefighting, but decided to teach EAL as a means to travel. Prior to working at York, I had visited 3 countries besides Canada (I’m Canadian). Since starting work here I’ve doubled that number (and then some, depending on your politics) and have plans to triple it next year. As a bonus, I’ve been able to finance living without a roommate while advancing a career AND saving enough to pay off my student loans.

I began hunting for an EAL job in June of 2015. I’m sure we can all relate to the “dodgy” interviews that permeate the industry. I didn’t enjoy them, and didn’t look forward to being the only foreigner working in a small city. Fortunately, a York sponsored recruiter responded to my post on a forum. I was then interviewed and offered a teaching position. By the end of August I was in Fuzhou and starting work. I chose York due to the support offered and the organization the company appeared to have during the interview process.

I started working at the Xihu branch. I didn’t have any experience so I got the full training experience. Nine months later I became a senior teacher. Another nine months after that I left Xihu to be the academic coordinator of Jinshan branch. I’ve been an AC for the past year. As an AC; I’m responsible for the training and management of the foreign teachers at the branch. It’s one of the most fulfilling jobs I’ve had.

In my experience, York English is an outstanding EAL outfit. It’s well organized, supportive, and has developed an excellent community amongst the staff of the various branches. The training is excellent, and the rapidly expanding nature of the company makes advancement opportunities a regularly occurring thing.

I’m interested in further career options in administration so my current role seems like an ideal fit. Between that, the opportunity to keep learning Chinese, and the rate by which York is expanding I can’t see myself leaving the company any time soon!