We opened our first school way back in 2003 in the beautiful, green city of Fuzhou! From there we have developed into a recognized and respected language centre with nine schools in Fuzhou, one each in nearby Changle and Min Hou, and two in neighbouring Xiamen. We have even branched out into the province of Guangdong, recently opening up our fourth school in this bustling city.

We believe in nurturing a working culture that is fun, with open and honest feedback, and a place where development is encouraged, and opportunities are given. We passionately believe in a work-life balance, we certainly don’t want you to move all the way to China to never see it!

Our education ethos is about providing immersive English language education of the highest quality for our students, making learning a language fun and not just with a few gimmicky games. Our passion for delivering lessons at this standard leads us to hire the very best international teachers we can find.