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10 Reasons to Teach English Abroad

The opportunity to teach English abroad is a chance to do something amazing and adventurous that will change your life forever.

The idea of earning money abroad, growing as an independent individual, adding important skills to your resume, all while having fun sounds like a pretty good chapter in anyones life!

1) See the world while getting paid

Yes, you actually get paid to be abroad! And, it’s easy travel! If you choose to teach English in China, the massive country of China is your backyard. South East Asia is now on your doorstep. Japan is your neighbour. That’s pretty cool!

When you teach English abroad, more often than not it will offer you more vacation time than in your home country. And with the low cost of living in continents like Asia, you’ll have no problem jetting off on holiday at the first opportunity.

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2) Grow as an individual

Living abroad, you will adapt to a new environment and culture where the language, religion and traditions may be different from your own. You will gain the ability to stand up in front of any class and educate students. Your self confidence will have grown so much after your year abroad you won’t recognize yourself!

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3) Experience another culture

You will see the world in a way no tourist can. Living and working in one country for an extended period of time allows you to not only explore a place in more depth, but to learn way more about it than had you visited for one or two weeks. You will experience every national holiday celebration, you’ll really get to know local people, and you’ll explore regions that you otherwise wouldn’t have visited if time wasn’t on your side.


4) The opportunity to make a difference

Education is one of the most important things in a society because education brings opportunity. The ability to teach students English and offer them opportunities in their life, is something extremely valuable to communities where English is not their native language.

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5) Create lasting friendships with people from around the world

As an English teacher living and working abroad, you are most definitely going to be surrounded by not only local people, but people from all corners of the English speaking world. It is an unparalleled opportunity to meet like-minded people from other countries. And living and working with people for a year, all while you explore your new home and travel together, mean friendships last the test of time.

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6) Gain international work experience

This is increasingly desired by employers in today’s globalized economy. Your proven record of adapting to new and challenging situations while living abroad, your language skills, your public speaking abilities while delivering lessons, your creativity while planning lessons, these are all highly valuable and transferable skills in a very competative job market.

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7) Save money

In Asia, the low cost of living compared to your hometown is often one of the biggest attractions to people who want to teach English abroad. Got a student loan you want to repay? A wedding you want to save for? Or do you just want more financial security? The ability to live a good quality life AND save money is an opportunity that cannot be missed.

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8) Have the opportunity to learn a new language

It’s far easier to pick up a language when you are immersed in it every day. Not only are the opportunities to practice it endless, but it forces you to push yourself and not ask for that coffee in English this time!

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9) To be part of a community

By teaching abroad, you will create a network of professional and personal connections that around the world. You will be a part of a chapter in peoples lives they will never forget. You will have shared a unique experience with people that becomes very valuable. And who doesn’t want an excuse to visit somewhere new to see an old friend!


10) Teach English Abroad for a lifetime of memories

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It is an experience our teachers never forget. To join our team, apply today –

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