Teach English in China


A sense of community is at the heart of what we do here at York English. Teaching English with us is full of friendship, social scenes and travel. We have multiple schools and offices full of international teachers. With training days, day activities and trips organised by us, you can’t fail to meet plenty of like-minded teachers! We know expat life becomes much more meaningful when you have a great circle of friends around you.

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We work hard to create a supportive workplace with a positive atmosphere from day one. From on-going workshops, training days and quarterly reviews, not to mention the wealth of knowledge our Senior Teachers and Academic Coordinators hold, we promise to nurture your career whichever stage you are at. And it doesn’t stop there, with many career opportunities at York, be it within teaching or in our Head Office.

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When you start to teach English in China, we have a whole team of Chinese & Western staff waiting to help you throughout your journey. From visa applications to setting up bank accounts and getting your phone, we are with you every step of the way. You also get a free apartment and your school has a dedicated administrator which means any issues you have, you don’t have to worry about the language barrier!

Free Accommodation

A rent-free two bedroom apartment close to your school to share with a flatmate or partner, or an allowance if you’d prefer to find your own place!

Flight reimbursement to and from China

A total of 8000 RMB, 4000 payable upon completion of six months of your contract, the other 4000 upon completion of your 12 months!

Residency Permit to teach English in China

We provide you with all the documents and support you need, and all visa costs are reimbursed right away by York English, leaving you with no stress!

On-Going Training & Professional Development

One of the unique aspects of working at York English is the training and development opportunities you receive. From day one until no matter how long you have been with us, you can count on gaining valuable and transferable skills for your future.
ESL China Benefits

Let China delight your senses with its rich mix of old and new! From ancient temples to soaring skyscrapers, metropolitan cities to traditional villages, China has something for everyone. With a history dating back over 5,000 years, it is now one of the fastest growing economies of the 21st century. No wonder it’s attracting expats by the thousands! Situated in the tropical South Eastern provinces of Fujian & Guangdong, York English is proud to showcase Fujian & Guangdong’s rich culture and delicious cuisine. Check out our various locations below to find your next adventure!